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What We Are

Rheydolence Limited is a leading provider of GPS vehicle tracking systems, aimed at offering innovative and cost effective vehicle tracking solutions comprising of a hardware as well as software. GPS tracking technology is a unique way for companies and individuals to monitor and control their cars, jeeps, trucks and other vehicles to their precise details.

We are licensed by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and specialize in Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management and Satellite Navigation. We play a leading role in the delivery of customised and integrated GPS vehicle tracking solutions in Nigeria.

Our proven technology and unparalleled track record in providing telematics solutions put us in the position to meet the needs of our clients. We provide turnkey solutions and technical support with nationwide coverage. These place us a step ahead in vehicle tracking and fleet management and make us your ideal partner.

Our Technical partners from India, South America and United Kingdom, have had extensive experience in the successful use of vehicle tracking solutions in different countries around the world.

Our Skills

Vehicle Tracking
Fleet Management
Security / Safety
Efficiency / Compliance
Vehicle Recovery

Why Choose Rheytrak?

Rheydolence Limited (Rheytrak) is an organization which implements both a philosophy and a set of guiding principles that represent the foundation for a continuously improving customer services. We believe on the application of qualitative methods and human resources to improve the services supplied to our clients, and the degree to which the needs of our customers are met, now and in the future.

We integrate fundamental management techniques, existing improvement efforts, and technological tools under a disciplined approach focused on continuous improvement. Rheytrak is an integrated tracking company established to provide innovative value-added vehicle tracking products & services to both retail and corporate customers.

  1. World - Class Certified Products with dependable backup support.
  2. State-of-the-art technology infrastructure to ensure excellent service.
  3. Integrated sophisticated technologies coupled with customized Add-On features.
  4. User defined Geo-Fencing & Landmarking.

Quality Assurance

To ensure we provide and deliver quality products to our valuable customers. Rheytrak, implements a management technique for continuously improving the performance at every level and in every area of responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction. Alltrac combines management and statistical techniques with existing improvement efforts under a rigorous, disciplined structure to strive for zero defects in all technical and administrative processes.

Security and Safety

Our tracking / M2M equipment provides real-time & schedule base tracking of an object in order to find out its exact position and various status at any time.

Using our technology, you can easily spy a Vehicle as it is moving, in order to increase your security and safety, Rheytrak tracker allows you to track and protect your vehicle, an early theft warning alert. Moreover in order to empower your convenience, real time access, street-level positions, automatic notifications, 24/7 anywhere and anytime service support, access online interface and touch dialing access with all the ordinary & Add-On features.

Customer Focus

A firm’s competitive advantage derives from its ability to nurture long-term relationships with customers and engender customer loyalty. Customer loyalty, however, is manifest through a firm’s service loyalty. Rheytrak is a group of professionals, who know the importance of their customers, that’s why we always keep customers interest at the front and focuses how valuable you are.

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