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The Product: Rheytrak®.

Rheytrak® is an advanced vehicle tracking security system based on the technology of Geographical Information System (GIS). It integrates the Global Positioning System (GPS), Global Systems for Mobile communications (GSM) and General Packet Radio System (GPRS) technologies to provide online monitoring and real - time vehicle tracking services.

Features and Benefits.

  • •             Real-time Tracking – this shows the track of the vehicle whether in motion or stationary, the speed, engine status and time and gets updated depending on the time interval scheduled.
    •             The information of the vehicle can be accessed via the mobile app through a secured log-in and on the user’s mobile phone.
    •             Ascertain vehicle location, speed, date and time via SMS.
    •             Demobilization of the vehicle such as shutting down engine and preventing it from re-starting.
    •             Inbuilt 512Kb memory to store the offline GPS data.
    •             Fleet visibility – this is useful to find the closest vehicle to the given location for an immediate task or job.
    •             User can play the history of the places the vehicle has been.
    •             User can initiate locational checks by themselves without recourse to our company.
    •             24/7 customer support service.
    •             The hardware device can be moved from one vehicle to the other with ease.

•             In addition to insuring the vehicle, it ensures that the car is always under control in the event of theft.

How does it Work?.

A vehicle tracking system is an electronic device installed in a vehicle to enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle's location. The vehicle location at all times is determined using signals received from the GPS satellites. It processes the coordinates and transmits it via the communication network to the web server which has a mapping software that translates them to actual physical locations - street names, federal highways, local governments and cities - from where it is accessed by the call centre or user on an internet enabled PC and smart phone.


The architecture of Rheytrak® relies on the GSM network to communicate between the vehicle and the control station. Rheydolence Limited has invested in detailed mapping of towns and cities incorporating common landmarks such as Airports, Boundaries, Built-up Areas, Bus-stops, Cities, Financial Houses, Gas Stations, Hotels, Local Government Areas, Rail lines, Rivers, Road Networks, States, Worship centers, etc. This ensures easy location of vehicles where ever they maybe.


Rheydolence Limited has recorded a high success rate in vehicle recovery from various locations including Aba, Abuja, Abeokuta, Bayelsa, Enugu, Jos, Kaduna, Lagos, Makurdi, Mowe, Nnewi, Oka Akoko, Ondo State, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Sango Ota, Ibadan, Idiroko, Republic of Benin, Sokoto, Warri, Zaria, among others and we attribute this first to the grace of God and then the effectiveness of our product. Please find attached testimonials from our clients’ whose cars were stolen and recovered.


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